Car Junk Removal Downtown Toronto
Car Junk Removal Downtown Toronto
January 15, 2021
February 15, 2021
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Damaged Vehicle Tips

Damaged Vehicle Tips

Damaged Vehicle Tips

Damaged Vehicle Tips

  1. If you decide to take part in the state garbage collection procedure:
  • Sign eligibility and tell CalRecycle representatives your make, model, type and license plate.

number (if any) of each vehicle owned. You can do this by visiting Disaster

Operations Center, 1300 Hilltop Dr, or by calling the center at 925-216-3028. Open from 8

mornings – 5pm Monday-Friday and 8.00am – noon Saturday.

  • Complete and submit the DMV Fact Sheet. Indicate on the form your vehicle has been damaged

from Carr Fire. The form is located here:

  • A completed Fact Sheet (REG 256) will prevent the payment of registration fees or

receiving a notification about the extension of the validity period of a vehicle destroyed during a fire. REG 256 must include

vehicle information and address of the registered owner. This will put an end to any activity.

associated with the car. Note: In the statement of facts, the vehicle is not considered to be


  • CalRecycle will arrange for your vehicle to be scrapped after it has been properly disposed of.


  1. If you decide to skip the government waste disposal process:
  • Call your car insurance company and arrange for an eviction from the property.

General Tips

  1. What you need to know before throwing your car in the trash can.

Once a vehicle is assigned the status of “non-renewable junk”, it becomes irreversible.

Insurance companies will often take care of getting a DMV waste receipt and coordinate

proper towing and disposal of the vehicle. They often have a separate process for determining

if the car is completely killed in a fire.

Click on the following link if you plan to receive unnecessary documents yourself.

  1. Tips for obtaining insurance compensation:

ü Call your insurance company as soon as possible.

ü Prepare the following information if possible:

Contact information for any emergency agency that responded to the fire, if possible

get a copy of the fire report, keep it available for you too

Information on injuries caused by fire or other damaged vehicles or property

Information on recent repairs carried out on the damaged vehicle

A description of the damaged vehicle, including mileage, options and upgrades

A list of personal property damaged by the fire. Coverage for personal items varies from state to

state and the owners or renters insurance policy could provide additional coverage for

personal items destroyed in the fire.

Please include the contact information of the finance or leasing company and your account number, if any


During the complaint submission process, the complaints examiner may request additional information

regarding the damaged vehicle, such as:

Title certificate for the vehicle

Service records and receipts

Receipts for any upgrades or custom items installed in the damaged vehicle *

If the damaged vehicle is financed or rented, be sure to report the fire to your finance or lease

company. To expedite the grievance process, notify your finance or leasing company to discuss the case

directly with your insurance company.

  1. To receive a garbage receipt from the DMV for your damaged car, you will need:

California title certificate

License plates on the vehicle

Tax due if the vehicle record indicates that it is not currently registered or has a planned non-operating state.

  1. If your car was destroyed in the fire, the DMV will issue a replacement title and waive the fare.

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