Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

Get the Salvage Value of Your Car
Get the Salvage Value of Your Car
June 30, 2021
Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer
Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer
July 30, 2021
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Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

While a damaged, non-working car may not have been sold in the past, it is possible to sell it now. This is due to the large number of digital assets that make it quick and easy to find the right buyers. Read on to learn more about why damaged cars are still valuable and how you can make money with yours.

Is My Broken Car Worth Anything?

New and little used cars aren’t the only ones with value. Scratched, rusted, dented, crash damaged and non-running vehicles still contain a value.


Of course, imperfect cars aren’t as good as brand new ones. Not even new vehicles that have just left the dealership lot are worth as much as intact cars. For this reason, evaluation systems and guidelines have been created to determine the value of the used car.


The three fundamental factors that affect the price of a car are year, make and model. Some brands and models are more in demand than others, affecting their value. The newer a car, the higher its value, but some older vehicles in great condition may be worth more.


Numerous other factors contribute to the value of a car, damaged or not. Special features, mileage and trim can affect the value of a vehicle. More detailed and precise evaluation systems also take into account local markets, accidents involving the car, and any recalls of historical manufacturers.


Some consumers may also consider things like color, fuel efficiency, and manufacturer reputation when thinking about how much your car is worth.


When it comes to damaged or broken cars, the severity of the damage must be taken into consideration to determine the true value of the car. This part can be more difficult to do, especially on your own. It is usually insurance companies and professional appraisers who can accurately assess the depreciation that the damage causes.


Evidently, many factors will affect the value of your car. Even if it is damaged, your car may have some desirable characteristics, no history of previous accidents, and be in high demand in your area. As a result, your damaged, non-running car can absolutely be worth something even if it’s not the same as the day you bought it.

Who Will Pay For My Broken Car?

Since your junk car has value, there are many people who want it. Consequently, you have several options for selling it.


One of the best resources for selling your broken is the Internet. In addition to the valuable digital marketplaces that allow you to present your car to millions of potential buyers, there are blogs, forums, and other groups that focus on buying and selling damaged cars. There are many mechanics, car enthusiasts, and hobbyists buying damaged cars as well as drivers on a tight budget looking for a means of transportation.


Junk and salvage depots are also places where you can sell your car. However, this can be a last resort as your car will be destroyed. Unlike other buyers who rate your car based on many factors, landfills focus on the metal in your vehicle. The heavier your metal car is, the higher your payout will be.


A landfill can be a great option for badly damaged cars that no longer work. However, you could be losing a lot of money because the junkyard is only considering the weight of the scrap metal instead of all the other components that give your car added value.

We, Will, Buy Your Car at the Highest Price

Now you know that event junk cars have a certain value. But finding a buyer who pays you the full value of your vehicle can be tricky.


We will give you the best price for your broken car, even if it is not in operation. We are experts in evaluating damaged cars and will give you every penny you deserve. Cars in all conditions are welcome.


Plus, it’s so easy to sell your car to us. We don’t haggle, we don’t bother and we don’t have hidden commissions. Our sales process is simple and we offer assistance if you need it. All we need is your vehicle information to start the sale. Then, you will receive an instant offer.


After accepting our quote, we will ask one of our many towing partners to collect your vehicle for free. The driver will arrive with your check and all you need to do to complete the process is hand over your title and keys.


It’s so easy to sell your broken car and get a great deal with us. Get your quote today!

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