Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer

Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not
Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not
July 15, 2021
How To Sell A Junk Car To A Pick n Pull
How To Sell A Junk Car To A Pick n Pull
August 15, 2021
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Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer

Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer

Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer

Get Top Dollar For My Junk Car Near Me — FREE Instant Offer

You want to sell your junk car but you don’t want to be belittled. For this reason, it is often much more difficult to sell a clunker than to sell a normal used vehicle.


Vehicles used gently with little or no damage can be sold by the thousands. However, junk cars don’t have much value.


You may be waiting a long time for the right buyer to pay you a decent amount for your vehicle. So, you still have to worry about towing taxes and the safest way to pay yourself. If you decide to sell to a landfill instead, you risk being scammed and paid for much less than your car is worth.

Is My Car Junk?

Before making all the effort to sell your car, you need to determine its value. Not all wrecked cars are clunkers. Some just need some repairs and a fresh coat of paint.


On the other hand, some vehicles may look fine from the outside, but cannot travel more than a mile down the road before failing.


If your car is still reliable and intact, even if it is old, it is probably not ready for a scrap. Conversely, if you ship your car to the store every two weekends, it may be time to consider getting rid of it.


The best way to determine if a vehicle is junk is to calculate its current value. Numerous online calculators will tell you the value of the car if you enter its details.


However, this value does not usually take into account any damage. You may need to manually calculate how much damage or an accident decreases a car’s value. Using auto insurance valuation formulas can help.


After determining the value of the car, you will have a good idea of ​​how much you can sell it. If this amount is much less than your repair expense, your car is likely to be junk and it’s time to get rid of it.

Who Will Buy My Junk Car?

Even with a junk car, you can find a buyer. Most people think of junkyards when they think about getting rid of their expired cars.


However, many private buyers are interested in buying junk cars. Whether it’s repairing, updating, or just working in their spare time, many people want a clunker.


Unfortunately, the traditional auto sales route may not produce the result you are hoping for. Most people and businesses don’t know how to rate a junk vehicle. They will offer you a lot less than it’s worth.


For example, most landfills only pay for scrap metal. They ignore your car’s unique features and expensive upgrades.


Additionally, landfills have a reputation for being full of scammers. While this isn’t true for all construction sites, you need to carefully evaluate them before choosing the right construction site. You will need to make sure they are transparent about their fees and quotes.


Often, a junkyard will give you a quote over the phone and a completely different one in person. They do this even after you’ve paid to get your car towed. It is frustrating and unfair.


Also, it can take a long time to sell even if you have numerous interested buyers. This is because buyers usually want to see a car in person before committing to a sale.


You will have to schedule meetings and possibly transport your car to different places in the city. This can get expensive if it needs to be towed.

Parting Out A Junk Car

Instead of selling your car as a unit, it might be more financially beneficial to separate it. So you can sell each part individually. This can be especially useful if you have expensive, gently used leather seats or a brand new stereo or GPS.


In addition, car tires, windows, doors and handles are valuable items. They are in great demand for particular brands and models.


So, sorting out a junk car can be a good way to go if scrapping doesn’t seem like a good deal. However, you may still receive low prices if your car is too damaged or old.


The new cars are made with more luxurious fabrics, consoles and interiors. As a result, it will be difficult to sell parts that are over 10 years old.

Sell Your Junk Car Faster With Us

Rather than spending weeks or months looking for the right person to buy your junk car, sell it in one day with us. With us it only takes 90 seconds to receive the best quote for your old vehicle.


Once our offer is accepted, you will have a check in hand in 24-48 hours. We also provide free towing wherever you are.


You can start the process by submitting your vehicle details via our online form. Alternatively, you can call us and speak to our experienced representatives. We will calculate your offer in less than 2 minutes and all you have to do is accept it and schedule your pickup!


Within two days we will send a driver to collect your car and deliver the check to you. we makes it quick and easy to sell your junk car. Test us today!

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